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"Mama Negra", a symbol of unity and trad…

On November 8 the traditional parade of the “Mama Negra” will be held in the city of Latacunga in Cotopaxi Province. With this objective in mind, the mayor of the city visited the Ministry of Tourism to present the “jocha”, which is the official request made to a person and...

Surf in Ecuador, a new pole of interest

The website surfersvillage.com pointed out Ecuador as an excellent destination for the practice of sports daily gaining more followers around the world.

Ecuadorian music in Chile and Argentina

The band, "Coral Amaranto" (Coral Amaranth", integrated by 22 artists, will represent Ecuador in the Fiesta America Coral that will take place in Chile and then plans to present in Argentina.

Tame opens second route to the U.S.

Con un precio referencial de $455.00, la aerolínea Tame EP inauguró en la madrugada del viernes 17 de octubre su noveno destino internacional. Se trata de la ruta Quito-Fort Lauderdale-Quito.

Ecuador present in Ireland

Ecuador participated in the Adventure World Travel Summit, which gathered, In Killarney, Ireland, 650 delegates from the main companies that offer adventure tourism worldwide.